The curriculum for general practice residents is comprehensive and includes clinical and educational training in:

Instruction in these areas is aimed at improving each resident's ability to recognize and develop appropriate treatment of all dental diseases, while managing both dental and medical complications.


Residents rotate through four medical and dental specialties during the program:


The anesthesia rotation provides residents with knowledge and experience in the management of patients undergoing general anesthesia. Specific experience gained includes patient evaluation, effects of pharmacologic agents, venipuncture and administration of agents, intubation and airway management of anesthetic emergencies, and post anesthetic evaluation.

Emergency Medicine

This rotation allows residents to anticipate, evaluate and manage both physical and systemic emergencies. Residents develop the skills and knowledge to diagnose systemic abnormalities and their consequences in dental practice. Most importantly, residents will understand the role of a dentist in a medical emergency.


Residents are exposed to medical protocols in both outpatient and inpatient care by observation, and participation in rounds and medical conferences. Residents are able to identify risks in dental procedures to both hospitalized and ambulatory patients. The value of consultation is understood.


Residents experience processing tissues submitted for definitive diagnosis that affects resolution treatment or eventual treatment of clinical conditions.

Community Outreach

An integral part of the residency program is to develop an expertise in rendering community service. Throughout the year, staff members organize several preventive dentistry programs for school children as well as for adults in the community. Residents must participate in hospital sponsored health fairs and the Dental Department's oral cancer screening program. The department mandates that all residents present an audio-visual educational program at schools during Children Dental Health Awareness Month.