Pediatric Surgery - Flushing Hospital Medical CenterWhen your child is sick, you can’t help but feel helpless. But don’t lose hope. We can help your child overcome what ails him or her. In some situations, surgery is the best option. At Flushing Hospital, we offer the most advanced pediatric surgery services designed to help the most precious members of our community.

The modern operating suites at Flushing Hospital allow our  specialists to perform all of the latest procedures on their patients. Our Board Certified pediatric surgeons perform procedures on fetuses, infants,children, adolescents, and young adults. Flushing Hospital’s pediatric surgical team specializes in minimally invasive procedures and performs a wide variety of procedures either laparoscopically or thoracoscopically. These techniques utilize smaller incisions, which means less scarring and less time spent in the hospital. As a result, patients benefit from shorter recovery times, fewer post-op complications and less pain.

Why Choose the Pediatric Surgery Department at Flushing Hospital?

children’s surgery

We understand how difficult it can be to watch your child face a health problem. Fortunately, we are prepared to tackle the most complex issues thanks to our expert pediatric surgeons.

The surgical team collaborates with the patient’s referring physician and keeps them informed at all times of the surgical course of action. In most instances, the child’s parents are allowed to be with the patient throughout the pre-op and recovery periods. The children’s surgery team treats patients in the hospital’s Ambulatory Care Center and is also available for inpatient consultations.

For more information or to make an appointment, please call Flushing Hospital’s Pediatric Surgery Division at 718 670-3007.