Nursing Supervisor - Flushing Hospital

During off business hours, the Nursing Supervisor is the appointed senior voice for the institution. This assures that someone at a senior level is always in charge, whether it is during a major emergency or when a family needs immediate answers that the unit nursing and support staff cannot provide.   The Nursing Supervisor may be called upon to handle urgent questions.  He or she will be present during a medical crisis, to coordinate personnel and departments, or just to listen to patient or family concerns.

The Nursing Supervisor serves as a liaison or referral service for all questions that need to be resolved.  He or she knows the answer to whatever issue may be or knows how to locate the correct person or department and help expedite the correct action. He or she will listen to the patient’s special requests and ensure that the patient’s stay is comfortable and safe.


The Nursing Supervisor can be reached at 718 670-5578 or through the hospital operator at 718 670-5000.