The Flushing Hospital Department of Radiology offers a wide variety of advanced, state-of-the-art diagnostic and imaging services. Our medical team consists of highly qualified Board Certified and fellowship-trained professionals. The department is fully accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR), which signifies a higher quality examination and care.

Advanced and Patient-Friendly Imaging Services

Patients no longer have to travel outside the community in order to have access to the latest in radiology technology, including:

128 Slice CT Diagnostic Imaging

The Flushing radiology department has added a state-of-the-art 128-slice Siemens high-speed, low-dose CT scanner. This technology drastically reduces the amount of radiation patients are exposed to. It produces faster and enhanced, high quality images. The Siemens Safire technology allows Flushing Hospital to offer patients scans of superior quality, allowing for early detection and treatment, furthering our patient-centered approach.

3T MRI Scanner

The Radiology Department also boasts a brand new MRI suite which utilizes the 3T MRI Scanner, one of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced machines in healthcare. The machine features an open-bore design, which gives the patient a more comfortable experience. This design can accommodate patients who are claustrophobic or of larger stature.

The 3T MRI scanner is extremely efficient; it produces superior images while using less scan times.

Additional services offered by the outpatient imaging center in Flushing Hospital include:

  • Mammography – Flushing Hospital provides comprehensive mammography screening services in a private and comfortable environment. Procedures are performed by Board-Certified and sub-specialty trained radiologists, as well as experienced technologists. Mammograms are instrumental in breast cancer prevention and early detection.

  • Nuclear Medicine Technology – Nuclear medicine technology is a type of medical technology which uses very small amounts of radiopharmaceuticals to diagnose and treat diseases. Our specialists are able to identify abnormalities in the body such as the early stages of a disease or organs that are not functioning properly. Nuclear medicine is safe and painless.

  • Ultrasound – Ultrasounds are performed in a modern, private and comfortable setting. During your visit, a trained technician or doctor moves a device called a transducer over parts of your body. The transducer uses sound waves to obtain images of organs and tissues inside the body. Ultrasound imaging has many uses including viewing a fetus and diagnosing medical conditions.

  • Vascular Laboratories – Our team of professionals are specialized in evaluating vascular disease through diagnostic testing. Ultrasound technology is used during this process to help the technician or doctor to determine if there are any abnormalities or obstructions in the flow of blood in the arteries or veins.

  • Diagnostic X-ray- is a painless and non-invasive tool used by physicians to help diagnose abnormalities such as broken bones, pneumonia, foreign objects or tumors in the body.

  • Interventional Radiology- Interventional radiology is a minimally invasive procedure used to diagnose or treat diseases. Board certified radiologists use imaging such as X-ray or MRI to advance a catheter into the body to detect or treat conditions such as peripheral arterial disease.

To schedule an appointment with the Flushing radiology department, call 718- 670-5458.
To schedule an appointment for an MRI or for more information about the MRI, please call 718-670-8851.