If you have a loved one who is battling substance abuse, you may understandably feel confused and helpless. Fortunately, you and your loved one don’t have to walk the path to recovery and healing alone.

At Flushing Hospital Medical Center, our Psychiatry Department features a Division of Addiction Services where your loved one can receive comprehensive assessments and treatment for alcohol and chemical dependency. These services are offered through our inpatient through Chemical Dependence Unit and our outpatient Reflections Treatment Program. Both services are staffed with highly skilled professionals who understand the process of treating addiction.

Both of these services are licensed by the New York’s Office of Substance Abuse and Alcoholism Services.

Chemical Dependence Unit

This unit, featuring 30 beds, is a detoxification unit where your loved one can experience safe alcohol and drug withdrawal. Several professionals provide treatment that is culturally sensitive and caring in this unit:

  • Psychiatric consultants
  • Social workers
  • Arts therapists
  • Credentialed substance abuse and alcoholism counselors
  • Nurses
  • Physician assistants
  • Physicians

We admit patients 24/7, with patients usually staying in our unit for three to seven days. For more details about our unit, contact us at (718) 670-5693 or (718) 670-5540.

Reflections Treatment Program

In this program, we use a holistic model to treat addiction by tackling addiction’s impact on the wellbeing of our patients and their loved ones. We would encourage your loved one to take part in sober-support sources, like a high-quality 12-step program. These types of groups will cover topics like stress management, relapse prevention, and motivation. Your loved one will also have an opportunity to learn about techniques that reduce arousal, such as meditation and relaxation exercises.

Our Reflections program is available for both evening and day sessions. In addition, we accept a number of insurance plans, along with Medicare and Medicaid. We also offer a convenient sliding scale designed for any self-pay patient. We’ll screen you via telephone first and then evaluate you in person before you start the program.

For additional information about our Reflections treatment program, please get in touch with us at (718) 670-5078.