Thank you to the entire Flushing Hospital Labor & Delivery and Postpartum care teams for providing exceptional care and a wonderful birthing experience. The new postpartum private room was amazing! I felt like I was staying in a hotel.

Shenell Patterson

All the doctors and nurses that I have met at Flushing Hospital are so nice, knowledgeable, responsible, and helpful. They walked me through the process, taught me how to breastfeed my baby, and provided many helpful tips on motherhood. I greatly appreciate all the warm help I received from everyone.

Si Long Luo

After my baby was born, she had to be taken to the NICU. This was my third baby but my first experience with the NICU so I was scared because I didn’t want to have her away from me. Witnessing how much love, care, and attention the NICU nurses pour into their patients put me at ease. They are truly amazing at what they do.

Yessinia Garcia