Department of Nursing

Welcome to the Department of Nursing and Patient Care Services at Flushing Hospital Medical Center.

Our nurses exemplify the patient- focused and family-centered culture of Flushing Hospital.    The department is staffed by dedicated nurses of all professional levels, who proudly works together to ensure that each patient receives complete attention, compassion and clinical excellence at all times. Our nurses deliver the highest quality care in collaboration with a multidisciplinary health care team.

The Chief Nursing Officer is responsible for ensuring that the overall quality of nursing services received by our patients and their loved ones are of the highest standard.   Our Chief Nursing Officer is supported by the directors of nursing and other members of the Nursing Leadership Team who have 24-hour accountability for our patient care units.

The Director of Nursing Education and Staff Development coordinates all activities relating to the professional development of nursing staff members. This includes the orientation of new employees as well as ongoing educational activities offered to both the staff and the community.

The nursing department at Flushing Hospital also employs nurse managers, assistant head nurses, registered nurses (RNs) licensed practical nurses (LPNs), technicians, nursing attendants, and unit clerks, all of whom participate in the provision of quality care.

For more information about the department contact 718-670-5578

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