Salary & Benefits

Flushing Hospital Medical Center


Terms & Conditions of Employment

Contracts: Term - one year, from July 1 st to June 30 th


Salary Schedule for Flushing
PGY Level CURRENT Effective Jan. 4, 2009 3 % Effective Jan. 3, 2010 3% Effective Jan. 2, 2011 3%
1 $51,642.33 $53,191.61 $54,787.35 $56,430.97
2 $56,075.81 $57,758.08 $59,490.82 $61,275.54
3 $61,613.51 $63,461.92 $65,365.77 $67,326.75
4 $63,603.22 $65,511.32 $67,476.66 $69,500.96
5 $65,699.91 $67,670.91 $69,701.03 $71,792.07
6 $67,126.23 $69,140.02 $71,214.22 $73,350.64
7 $70,019.40 $72,119.98 $74,283.58 $78,785.62
8 $74,263.00 $76,490.89 $78,785.62 $81,149.19

Plus a meal allowance of $1,025

VACATION: Four weeks per year

Leave Time

PROFESSIONAL: Three days for conference in final year

PARENTAL: One-day paternity with unpaid leave available up to 26 weeks

SICK: 12 days per year

MARITAL: Three days

PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY: Commercial malpractice coverage maintained including protection from claims filed after completion of resident's contract.

LIFESTYLE: On-call rooms available for residents. Lab coats and scrubs are provided including laundry services.

Benefits covered by Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR)Residents' Collective Bargaining Union

Voluntary Hospitals House Staff Benefits Plan (VHSBP)

QUICK REFERENCE TO BENEFITS: This document is not the official Summary Plan Description (SPD) of the Plan. Consult the SPD for a full description of Plan Benefits. In case of conflict between this document and the SPD, the terms of the SPD shall govern.

Phone: (212) 725-5504; Fax: (212) 725-5112
Address: CIR - VHHSBP, 386 Park Avenue South Suite 308 , New York, NY 10016 

ELIGIBILITY: Begins the day the participant begins work. Coverage ends the last day worked; coverage can be extended by self-pay (COBRA)

PLAN YEAR: July 1st through June 30th


LIFE INSURANCE: $125,000 for participant, $20,000 for spouse. Accidental Dismemberment for participant only: $50,000. These benefits are insured through Prudential, which will process the claims.

DISABILITY - SHORT AND LONG TERM: Improved benefits effective 4/1/2000. Only Participants are eligible for this benefit. Call the Plan Office for details. (212) 725-5504.

OPTICAL BENEFITS: Participant and eligible dependents are entitled to this benefit once each Plan Year from July 1 through June 30. Maximum reimbursement per eligible person is $100 for covered services, which are any combination of the following: 1) Eye exam by ophthalmologist or optometrist; 2) Replacement of broken frames; 3) Prescription lenses or contact lenses; 4) Prescription sunglasses.


HOSPITAL - INPATIENT BENEFITS: Paid in full up to 120 days at regular semi-private rate for room and board. Other fees: Paid in full.


HOSPITAL - OUTPATIENT BENEFITS: Emergency care - paid at 100%. Non - emergency care - paid at 80%. Up to 30 visits per person per year.

HOME HEALTH CARE : 1) Following hospital confinement: Arranged through physician, 100% paid of up to 200 visits per calendar year; 2) Not following hospital confinement: $50 deductible. Maximum of 40 visits per calendar year.

ALCOHOL REHAB: In-patient is paid as regular hospital coverage (30 days per plan year). Outpatient rehab covers up to 60 visits at an approved facility. 20 of these visits may include family counseling. Alcohol detox is not covered.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE: In-patient is paid as regular hospital coverage (30 days per Plan Year). Outpatient rehab covers up to 60 visits at an approved facility. 20 of these visits may include family counseling.

Special Note: There is a Preferred Provider Organization network from which you may select your physician or other medical provider. Or, you may go to any physician of your choice. If you select a physician who is participating in the United HealthCare Preferred Provider Organization, you will save yourself and your family both money and time spent on paperwork. Directories are available at your hospital or the Benefits Plan Office.

MEDICAL SERVICES BENEFIT: Certain medical and surgical expenses are first processed under the Medical Services Benefit, which pays 100% of a Schedule. After the Medical Services Benefit is applied to the claim, the claim is then reprocessed under the Major Medical Benefit.

MAJOR MEDICAL BENEFIT: No Lifetime Maximum, Individual deductible: $100. Family deductible: $200. Percentage of expenses paid under Major Medical Provision: 80% of Reasonable and Customary Charges.

OUT-OF-POCKET PROVISION : When the 20% co-payments for Major Medical Benefits plus the cash deductible reach $500 for any person in a Plan Year, benefits will be paid at

100% for that person for the remainder of the Plan Year.


Chiropractic Care: 80% of Reasonable and Customary Charges. Care must be medically necessary. X-rays are considered separately.

Hearing aids: Not covered.

Newborn Nursery Coverage: Nursery stay and initial pediatrician visit (only) covered at 100%.

Physical Therapy: 80% of Reasonable and Customary Charges tup to a maximum of 30 visits per Plan Year.

Prescription Drugs: a prescription drug card is furnished for use at participating pharmacies for $5.00 for a generic drug or $10.00 for a brand name drug.

Psychiatric - Outpatient: Limited to 30 visits per eligible person per Plan Year. Paid at 50% of the Reasonable and Customary Charges.

Speech Therapy: Limitations, call the Benefits Plan Office for information.

DENTAL BENEFITS: There is a choice between the Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO) and the traditional Plan.

The DMO: 1) Select a Panel Dentist from over 1,500 Dentists; 2) No Deductibles; 3) 100% coverage for simple Basic and Specialty procedures; 4) 75% coverage for complicated Basic and Specialty procedures; 5) No annual or lifetime maximums; 6) Orthodonture covered at 60% according to Plan rules.

The Traditional Plan: 1) No Dental Panel. Select any dentist; 2) No deductibles; 3) Payment is made according to a schedule; 4) Annual limit of $2,000 per person; 5) No coverage for orthodonture.