Our Graduates

Fellowship Programs attended by Graduates


Fellowships 2019

Endocrinology/Clinical                                                     Allegheny General Hospital (PA)

Palliative and Hospice Medicine                                     University of Texas Medical School-Houston

Pulmonary/Critical Care                                                   University of South Alabama Hospitals


Fellowships 2018

Critical Care Medicine                                                    The Mount Sinai Hospital (NY)

Endocrinology                                                                 Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

Nephrology                                                                     Thomas Jefferson University

Pulmonary Medicine                                                      Aventura Hospital (FL)

Sleep Medicine                                                                Drexel University College of Medicine


Fellowships 2017

Cardiovascular Diseases                                                  Mount Sinai Beth Israel (NY)

Endocrinology                                                                   SUNY, Downstate

Endocrinology                                                                   SUNY, Upstate

Endocrinology                                                                   Medical College of Wisconsin

Endocrinology                                                                   University of Nebraska

Nephrology                                                                        Houston Methodist Hospital

Nephrology                                                                        George Washington University

Nephrology                                                                        Stony Brook Medicine

Nephrology                                                                        Hofstra  Northwell School of Medicine

Nephrology                                                                        Medical University of South Carolina


Fellowships 2016

Geriatric Medicine                                                           University of Miami

Geriatric Medicine                                                           Massachusetts General Hospital

Hospice and Palliative Medicine                                     Jamaica Hospital Medical Center/Albert Einstein College Of Medicine

Hospice and Palliative Medicine                                     University of Miami

Nephrology                                                                     Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine

Nephrology                                                                     Winthrop-University Hospital

Pulmonary/Critical Care                                                  New York Presbyterian – Queens


Fellowships 2015

Critical Care                                                                     New York Presbyterian—Queens

Endocrinology                                                                  University of South Florida—Morsani School of Medicine

Geriatric Medicine                                                           University of Pennsylvania

Geriatric Medicine                                                           University of Michigan Health System

Nephrology                                                                      University of Maryland

Nephrology                                                                       North Shore/Long Island Jewish Health System

Rheumatology                                                                  Yale University


Fellowships 2014

Critical Care Medicine                                                    Mount Sinai (NY)

Endocrinology                                                                 UT Health San Antonio

Infectious Disease                                                          University of Texas-Houston

Infectious Disease                                                          North Shore/Long Island Jewish Health System

Rheumatology                                                                University Hospitals (Cleveland, OH)

Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine                                  Newark Beth Israel (NJ)


Fellowships 2013

Critical Care                                                                     East Carolina University

Critical Care                                                                     Mount Sinai (NY)

Endocrinology                                                                  Stony Brook University

Geriatric Medicine                                                            University of Pittsburgh

Geriatric Medicine                                                            University of Hawaii

Hospice and Palliative Medicine                                      MD Anderson (Houston, TX)

Hospice and Palliative Medicine                                      Beth Israel (NY)

Infectious Disease                                                           Mayo Clinic

Infectious Disease                                                           Winthrop University Medical Center

Pulmonary Medicine                                                        Harlem Hospital Center

Sleep Medicine                                                                Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center


Fellowships 2012

Geriatric Medicine                                                           Flushing Hospital Medical Center

Geriatric Medicine                                                           North Shore/Long Island Jewish Health System

Infectious Disease                                                           University of Nebraska

Infectious Disease                                                           Winthrop University Medical Center

Nephrology                                                                       Brookdale University Medical Center


Fellowships 2011

Geriatric Medicine                                                           Flushing Hospital Medical Center

Geriatric Medicine                                                           Duke University Medical Center

Geriatric Medicine                                                           New York University

Geriatric Medicine                                                           Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Infectious Disease                                                           New York Hospital-Queens

Infectious Disease                                                           Winthrop University Medical Center